Blog: New Traditional – table and floor lamps

New Traditional – table and floor lamps

New Traditional is about making the classic new again. Taking timeless shapes and profiles and reimagining them for today with new finishes and updating the shapes of the lampshades to drums and tapered drums in fresh colours and textures. Our Rocke handcrafted, curated selection makes it easy to update your home with this alluring look.

Here are our seven top ideas for decorating with lamps:

  1. A bedside lamp is a must, of course, but there’s no reason not to mix and match styles and to introduce styles usually reserved for more formal spaces and try a taller table lamp for the bedside to create a more dramatic look and it’s also easier to read by.

Palm Tree Table Lamp


2. A table lamp creates a big impact when used in unexpected places. Why not integrate one into your kitchen décor making for a more intimate, less clinical feel.

Persia Table Lamp


3. Candles on a window sill are a traditional touch, but you can update convention and create a wonderfully reflective pool of light by placing a table lamp there. It signals welcome to those outside and a bright glow of companionship to those within.


4. Even when they’re asked to play one of their traditional roles, today’s made-over table and floor lamps give you the opportunity to turn the oh-so-familiar into a contemporary statement. A classical turned wood floor lamp has been updated with a grey-washed, distressed look.

Harstad Wooden Floor Lamp


5. Make a sculptural statement with a large table lamp. A traditional aged metal finish is updated and made timeless in this inspired contemporary twist on a traditional Highland theme.

Monarch Table Lamp Old Brass


6. When it comes to fireplaces wall lights are the usual option however that may not always be possible. Try instead a matching pair of tall table lamps, with oval lampshades to fit into the narrower space for an unexpected and decidedly elegant alternative.

Regal Table Lamp


7. And finally, pairs of table lamps also look great on console tables, making a fabulous opening design statement in the entrance hall or working as a sculptural room divider on a console table behind a sofa in a living/dining room.

Amal Wooden Table Lamp


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