Find your perfect light!

Trouble finding that perfect light? Just ask us!

Here at Cotterell & Co we are always keen to help our customers find the perfect light for their room. From kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting, or even a statement table lamp for your side table in your lounge, we have a fantastic range in our stores. Not only do we have our selection in store, but many customers don’t realise we have an even bigger selection in our catalogues and are all available to order from.


Sometimes customers feel they haven’t found what they are looking for, or are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of choice and don’t know where to start and may not even have a clue what it is they are looking for! This is where the team at Cotterell & Co come in with our extensive knowledge of brands, styles and even the technical stuff, and we are more than happy to continue the search for the customer and finding that perfect piece!

We will ask customers a few simple questions, for example – What room of the house is this for? What is your style? Is this for task lighting or purely decorative? Questions like these help us narrow down what exactly it is you’re looking for. Some of our customers will tell us they are looking for a “modern chrome pendant fitting with glass”, and this is where we take the customer to our catalogues, open a few books and show them other options they won’t have seen in our store.

We are happy to offer advice on lighting for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and even outdoor. We can also offer advice on our Rocke Bespoke lamp shades and how to choose the perfect fabrics to suit your interior.

(If you like one of the items illustrated in the images above, click for more details.)

We have pleased many customers over the years by going that little bit further in terms of customer service and trying to give the customers the best choice available, and we always recommend if you can’t see what you’re looking for or are needing some advice on lighting, ask one of the team! ?