4 Ways To Marble

4 ways to Marble

The name Marble is derived from the Greek “Marmareos”, which means glistening. It was the favoured material for ancient Greek and Roman architects and sculptors and was preferred for its durability.



Marble has been used in interiors and homes for years, and recently has made a comeback as one of the most highly demanded finishes. Marble adds an instant level of elegance and luxury to any space, and there is an array of marble colour palettes available to suit your own personal style. Each piece is different and according to its light or dark colours, it gives a different mood to a room.

Here are our 4 ways to introduce marble into your home!


Here at Cotterell & Co, our new in-house brand Rocke creates bespoke lampshades and anything is possible! Why not choose from a selection of stunning marble print fabrics we have available and have us make you a stunning statement centre lampshade for your room.

Furniture -

A great way to introduce some marble into your home is with some marble furniture. The perfect material for some statement side tables or coffee tables, marble is durable, strong and will last a lifetime. For something different, why not opt for a coloured marble as opposed to the traditional white and grey, this will add a refreshing pop of colour and funk into your home.

Home accessories -

If you’re new to using marble and a little hesitant of buying massive statement pieces, why not ease into the trend with some marble home accessories. Clocks, candle holders and even coasters are a simple way of adding a subtle touch of marble to a room. Adding some marble home accessories is a great way to add a sense of luxury to your home if you are new to the trend, as they can be styled to suit any interior theme. We also have some gorgeous sumptuous marble print cushions, perfect to scatter around your room.