Mixing Metals


Gone are the old school days when you had to declare yourself a silver or gold person. The pain of having to stick to one metal tone, with everything matching down to the door handles! Those days are well and truly over and we are now seeing interior designers mixing metals and showing us that tones such as chrome, brass and copper can happily coexist in a room together. A mixture of these tones certainly shows a more adventurous, brave attitude to interior design and is a fun, and exciting change from the boring neutral.

The cool metallic tones such as chrome bring a modern, glamorous feel to a room, whereas tones such as copper or gold introduce a warmer feel. A mixture of metals in a room will create depth and visual interest, not to mention being bang on trend too!

Why not give this trend a try in your home with our quick and easy how to guide:



Mixing isn’t just for metals

It’s great to mix your metals in the room, but remember this trend doesn’t just apply to your lighting! You could choose to mix some silver metallic cushions with your gold feature light, or why not choose some silver lamps to contrast against your gold warm tones ? This can be applied to anything in your room, from artwork, to mirrors, to soft furnishings.


Choose a main metal

It’s important to bear in mind that while there are no rules to mixing your metals, our advice would be to choose a dominant metal such as silver and then select one (or even two!) other metal finishes as accents. The dominant metal tone will create a sense of unity, while the other accents will draw the eye throughout the space and create a striking, layered look.


Don’t overdo it

It can be easy to get carried away with a new and exciting trend, but be careful not to flood your room full of mixed silvers and golds as this can make it overwhelming! You may want to focus on a few items that you’re looking to change, such as your feature light and table lamps or a floor lamp. Or you may want to introduce a scattering of silver tone cushions on your sofa alongside a tall, gold tone lantern sitting by the mantelpiece. Or maybe a gold feature mirror placed above a chrome console table. Everything in moderation as they say!

We hope you are now more confident in mixing metal with in your interiors and thank you for taking the time to read our blog

Kind Regards